Editorial / Marketing

Photographer + Colorist + Producer  

Over the course of the years, my desire to pursue image quality has led me to discover photography. My relationship with Photography originally came from a need to research about lighting for visual FX purposes, but the medium quickly became one of my main form of expression. It was photography that opened up my gateway into directing…



Advertising / Production / Post-Production
Director Photographer / Product / 2017


Director: Jonathan Berube
Producers: Paul Mohr & Jonathan Berube

In 2017, I had the chance to connect once again with Chief Engineer Paul Mohr, who after departing from Intuitive Surgical, joined tech startup Nuro Inc as Chief Engineer to help develop the self driving car NURO R1. Paul and I had the chance to work together during his time at Intuitive Surgical to shoot the marketing & launch campaign for the minimal invasive surgical robot Da Vinci XI. We both really enjoyed working together and it was great to connect again and meet the tech genius and pioneer Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu over at NURO.    


Director + VFX Art Director
Game Trailers / Commercials / Episodics

For all inquiries regarding Directing Please contact Phillip Detchmendy at Ampersand inc